IonChannelLab Version 1.0 is released. IonChannelLab is an user friendly software for kinetic modeling of ion channels.

IChMASCOT is flexible and user friendly software for the global kinetic modeling of ion channel gating.
This program optimizes the rate constants for a given kinetic model using the macroscopic experimental data.


Experimental data:

  • Ionic currents.
  • Gating currents.
  • Steady state properties.
  • Time constants.

Global fit:

  • Multiple experiments.
  • Independent experimental conditions.
  • Voltage.
  • Ion concentrations.
  • Temperature.
  • Complex protocols.

Control in the global fit:

  • Selection of the free and fix parameters.
  • Selection of parameters boundaries.
  • Weight factors.
  • Independent conductance for each experiment.

Kinetic Models:

  • Single kinetic model.
  • Independent gates model.
  • 3D models.
  • Predefined rate constant or arbitrary functions.
  • Voltage and/or ligand dependent rate constants.
  • Ohmic, GHK or arbitrary conductance.

IChMASCOT includes several tools of the program IChSimLab such as: ion channel math library, model editor and protocol editor. These tools allow user-friendly edition of global fit projects.

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